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Product Requirements

Save time writing gherkin stories with our easy to use tool.

Development Planning

Easily drag gherkin requirements from one story to another, allowing the engineers the flexibility to adjust their workflow on the fly.

Personas (coming soon)

Easily copy stories to make story writing and grooming faster.

Analytics (coming soon)

With our shortcuts, you can easily and quickly write a full gherkin story in seconds, even using voice to text.

The right trial

The right team

J.D. “SpaRaRa”
Co-Founder & CEO

J.D. has worked for many startups and is a product guy through and through. He's been building products for the last 15 years and loves every minute of it.
J.D.'s favorite product he didn't build...his hot tub
(he uses it 4-5 times a week)

J.D. “SpaRaRa”
Co-Founder & CEO
A.C. “Spongebob”
Co-Founder & CTO

A.C. is a top engineer and co-founder of Prodzee. Besides having mad skillz with both backend and front end development, he's worked in software for over 10 years.
A.C.'s favorite product he didn't build...The taco
(he once ate tacos every day for a year)

A.C. “Spongebob”
Co-Founder & CTO
C.C. “La Croix”

C.C. is a UX/UI designer that understands customers and stakeholders. He's been a designer for over 9 years and is passionate about UX and the color purple.
C.C.'s favorite product he didn't build...Sparkling Water
(he reviews them online)

C.C. “La Croix”

“Prodzee is Win-Win, allowing product managers to write stories fast, and allowing engineers and qa to deliver, without having to ask questions all day long!”

JD Lincoln
Co-founder of Prodzee


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The speech to text is amazing. How did you get it so accurate? Saved me soo much time.
J. GIbbs - Product Analyst

Amazingly flexible

Loved writing gherkin with Prodzee. The easy to use shortcuts and ability to drag and drop requirements into other stories is a breeze. What took so long for somebody to develop this. Either way, glad someone finally did.
K. Morgan - Product Manager

Finally a product platform

It's great to see a platform geared towards product people instead of being a vague development platform that tries to fit every need.
E. Miehl - Product Manager

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